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NRES Faculty Joins Forces with NEMA in Historic MOU Crafting Session

In a historic gathering that took place on the 22nd of August, 2023, the distinguished Faculty of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences (NRES) convened with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). The purpose of this high-profile meeting was to initiate the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that signifies a significant leap forward in collaborative efforts.

The MOU, currently in the making, holds the promise of a multifaceted partnership between NRES and NEMA, with a focus on several pivotal domains. These areas of collaboration encompass grant writing initiatives, oversight of industrial training programs, provision of research mentorship for both Masters and Ph.D. candidates, as well as the critically important task of valuing natural resources, among other strategic endeavors.

This meeting marks a pivotal moment in the academic landscape, exemplifying NRES's commitment to fostering partnerships that transcend the traditional boundaries of academia. By uniting the formidable expertise of NEMA's faculty with NRES's extensive knowledge base, the alliance seeks to leverage its collective wisdom for the advancement of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The forthcoming MOU is anticipated to serve as a roadmap for this dynamic and symbiotic partnership, facilitating the seamless exchange of ideas, research endeavors, and practical wisdom. In particular, the MOU will empower NEMA to take an active role in the realm of grant writing, thereby unlocking fresh opportunities for funding essential environmental initiatives. Furthermore, the collaboration will cultivate a nurturing environment for graduate students pursuing advanced degrees, offering them invaluable guidance and research supervision.

Of paramount significance is the mutual commitment to addressing the pressing matter of natural resource valuation—an area that holds immense implications for contemporary global challenges. Through this cooperative endeavor, NEMA and NRES aim to make substantial contributions to the sustainable management and protection of these invaluable assets.

In embarking on this collaborative journey, NRES and NEMA reaffirm their dedication to advancing environmental education and research. Simultaneously, they pledge to engage actively with industry partners and key stakeholders, ensuring that this historic meeting represents a monumental step toward a more sustainable future for environmental management and preservation.

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NRES Faculty Joins Forces with NEMA in Historic MOU Crafting Session
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