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Degrees and Programs

The Master of Science in Environmental Economics provides state-of-the-art training in environment and natural resource economics. The programme aims at developing analytical tools applicable to the full range of environmental issues in the public, private, and other sectors.

Master of Science in Climate change  and Disaster Management Programme prepares students to analyse factors and strategies that play a crucial role in states of emergency. The programme  will also equip students with critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to lead in complex and dangerous situations. Students participate in different disaster simulations and learn to identify the different responsibilities of individuals and agencies during an emergency

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Economics is a specialized undergraduate program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in economics and its application to the management and sustainable use of natural resources. This program combines economic theory, quantitative analysis, and environmental studies to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex challenges associated with natural resource management. Throughout the program, students will develop strong analytical and quantitative skills through coursework and data analysis. They will learn how to assess the economic value of natural resources, conduct cost-benefit analyses, analyze market dynamics, and model the interactions between economic activities and the environment. Students may also have the opportunity to engage in fieldwork, research projects, and internships to gain practical experience in natural resource economics.

This program is premised on the role of the faculty in fostering sustainable development through the sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. It builds on the experiences of implementing the existing undergraduate program wherein the basics of natural resources economics are extensively explored. The uniqueness of the program consolidates the position of Busitema University and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment as a niche in fishery and water resource management. The program building capacity in the sub discipline of Fisheries and water resources management in light of the inadequate capacity to support the fisheries sub sector. Read More